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Nexbib Intelligent Shelves

Make the return as simple as possible for your patrons. With the Nexbib Intelligent Return Shelf system the patron just places the items on the return shelf and the return process is activated. The items are immediately ready to be borrowed by the next patron. While returning their library materials users can select and take books from the shelf that have just been returned by other users. This way the Intelligent return shelf motivates patrons to borrow other books and brings them into contact with parts of the collection they normally may not read.

Popular items which have a higher circulation rate are often to be found on the return shelf, therefore they are more easily and speedily accessible for the next patron if your library is using a Nexbib Intelligent Return Shelf. This also saves library staff work since many items do not have to be brought back to the shelf before they are borrowed again.


  • Number of shelves connected to the same central unit.

  • Colour options to fit library design¨

  • Printer solutions

  • Can be used as a Hold Pickup shelf or as a Reserved material pick-up station. As reserved materials are placed into the shelf the item gets an index (location). This location is sent to the patron via SMS or email with the possibility to print a Hold slip with patron name or alias.

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