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RFID for Libraries

RFID for Libraries

BCPL helps to automate its libraries using world-class RFID in a phase-wise manner, which can provide a fully automated process for the library including security. The objective is to enhance the experience for students and teaching staff in a progressive digital environment.

It will offer the following benefits to stakeholders

  • The library can offer extended working hours providing large accessibility.

  • Library functions can be made fully automated wherein the patrons can self-issue assets of the library and also return them securely back to the library without any manual intervention.

  • Create a secure, efficient and data-driven process that will increase the efficacy of the library.

  • Most importantly, provide an enhanced library experience to its patrons that will allow the research and learning outputs from the university to leapfrog into brand leadership in university ranking and regulatory accreditation requirements.

Our products are built on globally accepted ‘open standards’ that permit easy deployment, manageability, integration and scalability. The systems do not use proprietary plugins or middleware that limit an institution's requirement for scalability.

Products are manufactured in line with European standards that speak for themselves using high-quality casing, wirings and connectors. The products are designed specifically to withstand tough conditions in libraries.

Our products stand out in quality, reliability and scalability.

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