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Nexbib RFID Tags


RFID tags are used to wirelessly identify and secure library items. They are affixed to any library book material or media collateral.

Nexbib supplies a range of RFID tags that are designed for all types of items in your library’s collection and will keep all of your items secure.

The complete range of Nexbib RFID tags includes Rectangle Credit Card Tags sized at 81mm x 49mm, Square Tags sized at 50mm x 50mm, full face DVD and CD Rom Tags, and Donut 40mm Hub CD Tags. Tags can be supplied with paper or clear coverings.

Our entire range of RFID tag products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the item to which they are affixed.

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  • Works with complete range of 13.5 MHz RFID labels as well as items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers

  • Nexbib’s uptake of RFID standards in this sector keeps their data model developments open to ISO 28560-2 standards

  • Data model developments undertaken also to open standards

  • Specialised labels for CD and DVD developments allows for most media sets to be protected directly

  • AFI and EAS security bit supported on label chips

  • Labels are guaranteed for up to 40 years as a minimum when used with most library materials including archive, special and local history collections, paper, plastic and other special material

  • Possess anti-collision capability for multi-part items

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