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Handheld Inventory Wand

The Nexbib Inventory Reader brings unprecedented reading speeds to the RFID wand market, making it the most powerful handheld inventory wand available today. Compatible with all ISO15693 RFID labels and ISO28560-2 data models, works alongside a WiFi-connected PDA device, which is easily carried separately or easily clipped onto your findIT RFID wand. Market-leading power, in a light, compact, easily handheld solution.

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Speed Read

Is inventory slowing you down? Unprecedented reading speeds and unmatched accuracy allows you to complete an accurate stock check in a fraction of the time.

Improved Accuracy

The accuracy and speed of findIT’s RFID processing allows you to easily collect all information from each shelf with just one pass.

Powerful yet Portable

The Nexbib Inventory Reader is small, compact and light, but still powerful. Plus, it includes a Powerful boost mode to cover larger areas faster. It’s market-leading reading speed and precision are made possible by Nexbib's powerful RFID technology, which allows reader to make the accurate detection of multiple tagged items a faster process. PDA can be carried separately or easily clipped onto your RFID wand.

Increased Efficiency

Complete inventory and item searches simultaneously The system’s dual-sense alert capability notifies you with both visual and acoustic indicators when your item it finds your item. Because it allows you to accurately take stock with just a single pass of each self, inventory is completed in a fraction of the time taken by manual or barcode systems to process the same stock.

Long Life

Complete your inventory in one pass 16 hours of continuous use from each charge – more than enough for any inventory.

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