serveIT  Self Service Kiosks

Meet the serveIT EYRE and the serveIT TOLKIEN. D-Tech’s new serveIT range of multi-functionality library kiosks combines a large, simple-to-use touch screen with better accessibility to deliver an exceptional user experience, encased in a sleek, space-saving package.

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serveIT EYRE

The new serveIT EYRE is an exciting addition to our line of library self-service kiosk systems. Available in Barcode Only and RFID configurations, the EYRE delivers maximum functionality for library users, while minimising floor space. Capable of checking out RFID tagged materials and barcoded items, the EYRE self-service kiosk also includes credit card, Contactless and Apple Pay™ functionality. The unit’s 23.8″ portrait touch screen is the very definition of user friendly, it’s easy-to-follow instructions, combined with a large checkout area suitable for multiple materials, ensures that the EYRE delivers a simple, successful transaction for every library user.


Is your library searching for a bigger screen, better accessibility and simpler user experience housed in a smaller self-service unit? D-Tech’s new serveIT TOLKIEN kiosk delivers exceptional space saving without compromising on performance, integration or functionality. Ideal for libraries looking to save space, or who simply love how much the TOLKIEN packs in, this flexible, self-service kiosk integrates with your existing library furniture, and is also available as a free-standing or wall-mounted self-checkout solution. Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, the free-standing TOLKIEN sits on your counter, desktop or any other library furniture, while its RFID element provides enhanced protection and throughput.