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Nexbib Staff Station

Proven technology and discreet design, the Nexbib Nex.Station blends seamlessly into your modern library.

Using the Nexbib Staff Pad, staff can easily circulate and complete conversion-work. Our solution can simultaneously process all tags that are placed at market leading distances above the antenna. The elegant thin antenna can be installed on or under the table.

The powerful Staff Pad software works with all commonly used data models and can easily be integrated with your Library Management System.

Flexible Solution

Integrate RFID into your staff workflow with software provided by Nexbib. Read, write, and initialize RFID tags including multipart items with support for a range of data models.
A simple USB connection allows for easy movement within the library.
Shielded antenna for accurate detection of items.

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  • Programme and process stock simply and stylishly with Nex.Station.

  • The Nex.Station allows librarians to programme stock as well as issue, return or renew multiple items.

  • Process multiple items easily with no false reads thanks to the unique one-read-location ability, which scans only above the reader.

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