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secureIT  p-Series

Our gates provide accurate security detection with normal and increased width aisles, and up to 8 multiple aisles covered by one system, providing solutions for all libraries. RFID antenna designs allows 3D item detection providing library staff with certainty that your collection is protected.

We can offer a range of security gates with distances up to 160 cm spacing between the gate panels which allows patrons to enter and exit the library without being inhibited.

Our security gates can also include integrated radar-based bidirectional people counting sensors. Occupancy data, hardware status, security alerts and other information can be monitored and captured by Nexbib’s Gate software.

Gates can be mounted directly to the entry floor of the library with cables buried for a seamless look or alternatively threshold strip and baseplate options are also available suiting the needs of all libraries.

We also offer barrier free overhead security detection systems for in UHF RFID implementations, which provide the ultimate ergonomic design solution for your Library entrance foyers.


Security Pedestal Clear Classic gate solution uses advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Radio Frequency ( RF) Front End technology to achieve breakthrough performance in read range and read speed with industry leading signal to noise ratio.

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