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Library Automated Book Sorter

With our latest generation of Automated Book Sortation solutions built using leading world class technology, your library will gain quicker re-shelving times, a reduction of material handling labour cost and increased productivity. Ultimately, our Book Sortation Solutions provide your library patrons with a better experience when returning their items to the library. With Nexbib as your partner your library can easily implement a new Sorter, either into your existing environment or into a new building and start enjoying the benefits. We work closely with our customers in the design and build phase ensuring that your requirements are comprehensively and fully met. Demand capacity, return points, number of sorting destinations, type of sorting bins and carts, staff return requirements, transportation distances, space constraints and noise levels are just some of the issues we consider. Our comprehensive range includes lightweight ergonomic stacking carts, robot arms to place books into bookshelves and transportation robots that deliver library media into the library space for patrons to enjoy. To find out more about our exciting Automated Book Sorters please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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An automated return solution gives lots of benefits for your library and its patrons. We offer a very strong automated material handling solution with high capacity, user friendliness for both library staff and patrons and with one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

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